LionDesk is a Real Estate Based CRM, Transaction Mangement, and Dialing tool. After you successfully sync your LionDesk system with my +plus leads, your FSBO and Expired data will flow seamlessly, saving you valuable prospecting time through avoiding of duplicate data entry.

 Watch our Quickstart Tutorial

Configuring the sync in my +plus leads

You will now login to your my +plus leads account.

  • Select "Options/Preferences -> Data Integration"
  • Choose "Lion Desk" from the Provider drop-down
  • Click "Add User"

  • Click on "Authorize"
  • You will be redirected to the LionDesk Authorization Page
  • Enter in your LionDesk Username and Password
  • Click "Allow"

You have now successfully authorized my +plus leads to automatically send listings into LionDesk. Finally,

  • Check the "Is Active" box
  • Choose to Sync All Leads
    • If checked, my plus leads will automatically send all listings into LionDesk
    • If unchecked, you will be able to choose which listings are sent after qualifying the leads. This can be done as a bulk export from the Summary Page or individually from the Detail Page after saving your listing notes.