Sync with your Favorite CRMs

Do you use Wise Agent or Top Producer? Remove unnecessary data entry by syncing your my +plus leads account.

Using another CRM or 3rd party lead service such as an auto-dialer? Please drop us a note and let us know who you would like us to integrate with next.

I have always used the    THE Personal Marketing Company as my data base site.  They are a preferred vendor for Keller Williams.  Can they be used as well 

Debbie Faremouth 


Can you data be integrated into EspressoAgent dialer?

Any plans to integrate with Podio? It's widely used by real estate investors.

Lion Desk

Thanks for all of the suggestions -

LionDesk is now live and we are defintitely planning on expanding the scope of our integration with them as new features become available through their API. If you are a LionDesk user, check here -

We are investigating Podio and has been added to our bucket list.  However, I have not spoken to EspressoAgent. Currently we do have integration with ArchAgent's PowerDialer which is very similar but I would recommend either using the LionDesk Dialer or MOJO Sells as a dialer in conjunction with our data.


Will Follow Up Boss be added?

EEDGE aka Market Leader?

Hello Sarah,

You can sync your leads directly with Follow-up Boss. You can find instructions here.

 Hello Shany,

It is our understanding that eEdge is in legacy status and will be replaced in the near future. We are waiting for the new CRM to be released and will definitely integrate if at all possible.

I'm using Realvolve.  It integrates with Zapier but a native api integration seems to work best.

John, you were investigated Podio a year ago. What's the latest?

Hi William, we have introduced a Zapier Integration that should allow for your leads to pass into Podio now. If you are interested, open up a support ticket and we can help you set that up.

Can I sync with referral maker pro

Can I sync with referral maker pro? 

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