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Parcel ID

Please add the "Parcel ID" field to the Reports.

The Parcel ID is now available inside of the detail view when available. We are also adding it to the All Fields csv export.


Is the "Parcel ID" the data field from the MLS?  The concern that I have is related to having the exact format of any Parcel ID, as entered, in the MLS.  If the Parcel ID is from a source that is different from the MLS Parcel ID data field; any search of the MLS, using the Parcel ID's, will bring inaccurate results.

NEOHREX data field for Permanent Parcel #'s is "Parcel ID."  Your reports have data fields forPermanent Parcel #'s title APN.

Your help is appreciated.



Today, I used the data from My + Expds to search the NEOHREX MLS for status of properties.  

Different Parcel ID Formats – Subject Property is: 998 Jacoby Road, Copley, Ohio


My + Expds Parcel ID Format -15-02482

NEOHREX Parcel ID Format – 1502482


When using the My + Expd’s Parcel ID Format to search MLS Status; property is not found in MLS because, the Parcel ID Format from My + Expd’s is different from the Parcel ID Format entered in the MLS.  Property is Active Status.

Will you arrange for the NEOHREX "Parcel ID" data field to be included in our reports?

It is appreciated.

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