LionDesk is a Real Estate Based CRM, Transaction Management, and Dialing tool. After you successfully sync your LionDesk system with my +plus leads, your FSBO and Expired data will flow seamlessly, saving you valuable prospecting time through avoiding duplicate data entry.

Please note that you must login directly at If you come in directly from the homepage, LionDesk will return the the improper session and you will receive a 801 error. In this case, simply click on the provided link and go through the process.

 Watch our Quickstart Tutorial

Configuring the sync in my +plus leads

You will now login to your my +plus leads account.

  • Select "Options/Preferences -> Data Integration"
  • Choose "Lion Desk" from the Provider drop-down
  • Click "Add User"

  • Click on "Authorize"
  • You will be redirected to the LionDesk Authorization Page
  • Enter in your LionDesk Username and Password
  • Click "Allow"

You have now successfully authorized my +plus leads to automatically send listings into LionDesk. Finally,

  • Check the "Is Active" box
  • Choose to Sync All Leads
    • If checked, my plus leads will automatically send all listings into LionDesk
    • If unchecked, you will be able to choose which listings are sent after qualifying the leads. This can be done as a bulk export from the Summary Page or individually from the Detail Page after saving your listing notes.