Using the file uploader, you are able to insert both Off-Market (Expired, Cancelled, Withdrawn) listings into the system along with Active (Active, New, Back on Market, Sold, Pending, etc.) listings. Why would you import "Active" Listings? The my +plus system will check previously loaded Off-Market Leads and automatically remove them from your data set if they have recently gone back on market or sold. It is best to first load your Off-Market listings immediately followed by Active listings so the system can properly scrub the data.

Uploading Expired, Cancelled, and Withdrawn Leads

In the Expired Upload menu select "Uploads -> Upload Listings"

  • Enter a filename in the "Name" field. This does not need to be unique.
  • Select "Choose File" and find the local file on your drive.
  • Select the listing type that you will be uploading. For off-market listings, choose "Expired"
  • Determine if you want to process "Blacklisted". (What is this?)
  • Click "Upload"

List Confirmation with Warnings

After successful upload you will reach a pop-up dialogue asking you to confirm the proper list has been loaded. You will have two import options, Import All and Import Skip Warnings. Warnings identify possible issues with fields such as Price, Zip Code, and Status. For instance, if you are uploading Expired Data and there is a listing with the Status of "Active" a warning will be included.

Import All - will import all records regardless of warnings for improper, price, zip code, or status.

Import Skip Warnings - will import all records which do not have a pending warning associated.

Cancel -abandons the import process allowing you to correct any warnings in the uploaded file. 

Upload Confirmation

After successful upload, you will have the oppurtunity to upload additional files before processing or executing augmentation immediately. If you are going to upload recent active uploads, it is best to process them through the system before executing augmentation. Often times, Expired, Cancelled, and Withdrawn listings have gone back on market or sold quickly after going initially going off market. By processing the recent Acitve listings, you will catch these re-listed properties and not use unnecessary account credits on active listings.

Augmenting Contact Information

If you choose to upload additional files before augmenting contact details, you are able to access the pending files in under "Lists". Simply click on the Augment Remaining icon to process the records.

Upon completeion of processing your data will automatically be added into the Expired Data Service, available in your dashboard Recent Updates and searchable in your database. How do I search my leads?