Add your API Key to the my +plus leads system and your leads can automatically flow directly from our platform into your KVCore CRM. You can choose to have all leads automatically posted as soon as my +plus leads adds them to your portal or you can sync them manually after they have been qualified.

Obtaining Your API Key from KVCore

First login to your KvCore Account and create a new API key for use with my +plus leads -

Activating Your Data Sync

  • Login to your my +plus leads account
  • Navigate to "Settings & Help -> Options/Preferences -> Data Integrations"

  • Choose "KVCore" from the Provider dropdown
  • Click "ADD USER"

  • Paste or type your API Key from KVCore into the API Key box
  • Check "Is Active"
  • Optional** Sync All Leads - when checked my +plus leads will automatically send all leads over to KVCore as soon as they are added to the system. Alternatively, you can select listings from the portal and manually push in batch or individually after qualifying the prospect.

Setting Up Team Accounts

If you are a member of a Team or have a Broker account, you will need to add your Entity ID. You can retreive it from your KvCore Account

  • Login to KvCore
  • Click on your Profile in the top-right hand corner
  • Click "Teams"
  • You can now find your Entity ID from the URL

Once you have retrieved the ID number from the URL, enter it into the Data Integrations page in your MPL portal.