The Likely-To-List Data Service is a premium enhancement to the my +plus leads Neighborhood Data Service. It analyzes key data points about properties in your geographic farm and orders your list with a focus on the homes with a higher propensity to sell.

Different than other services on the market, the my +plus leads algorithm uses property details, owner demographics, sales history, and trigger events to determine the properties which have common characteristics  to recent sales. Models are then developed and applied over time on a zip code basis. Each area of this country is unique, so are the reasons why owner's decide to sell. Our granular approach ensures that the proper model is used in your farm. The one size fits all model is easy, but simply not accurate enough.

Using the service is simple. Log into your account and navigate to Neighborhood Data and create a new search. Before submitting make sure and set your Sort Strategy to "Likely to List".

The Neighborhood Data Service will return your search and you will see the quantile scoring system displayed. The properties will be ordered from Most Likely to List.

If you subscribe to our Data Services, current listings will be displayed and marked inside of your list.