Integrating with Sierra Interactive allows you to automatically create new records in your CRM system with out the need to import or export .CSV files. It has the advantage over Email Parsing in that we can remove listings as they become active or sold. 

NOTE: If you are currently using Email Parsing, we recommend disabling it. You may do so under SETTINGS & HELP -> Options / Preferences -> Email Delivery Options. Remove your Sierra Interactive email address and Submit.

There are three types of sync available:

All Leads - when activated every lead that is accepted into the my +plus leads system will automatically be pushed to Sierra Interactive.

Manual - allows you to push individual records to Sierra Interactive at the time of calling or editing records in the +plus portal. This allows you to qualify the leads before adding them to your CRM.

Batch - select a group of records and create multiple contacts at one time. Helpful in pushing over back-data after creating the initial sync.

Activating the Sync

You will need your API Key for Sierra Interactive. You can retrieve it by logging into your CRM system:

  • Choose Sierra Interactive

  • Copy your API Key

Now that you have your API Key, you will need to login to the my +plus leads portal at

  • Choose Data Integration under SETTINGS & HELP -> Options / Preferences

  • Click the "+" sign for Sierra Interactive

  • Paste your API Key
  • Set "Is Active" to True by checking the box
  • Optionally select Sync All Leads. If checked, my +plus leads will automatically send all leads directly to Sierra. If left unchecked, you can qualify the leads first and then choose to send them over individually or in batch.