The +plus FSBO and Expired service will deliver a daily email containing all leads that have been assigned to your system.  The service will use the parameters set within your Default Coverage, only delivering leads that fit your preferred zip codes and price range.

Due to the time needed to aggregate and research your leads each morning, it is not recommended to set-up email delivery before 6 AM.  If you need help determining the optimal time for your area, please open a support ticket.

Setting your Email Delivery Options

Using the web portal, you are able to customize the email addresses and time of day the leads are delivered along with set the sort order for the leads. You are able to set one default email and carbon one additional email address.  We recommend that you use the HTML (Detail) view.

  • Click "Options/Preference->Email Delivery Options"
  • Enter your email address under "Delivery Email" and optionally an alternate email in "Email Carbon Copy"
  • Choose your Deliver Format
    • HTML (Summary) - Basic property and contact information. Recommended for printing.
    • HTML (Detail) - Contains all available information about each listing. (RECOMMENDED)
    • .CSV - Downloadable .CSV format, designed for saving locally and importing into third-party software such as dialing systems or CRMs.
  • Set your "Delivery Time"
  • "Has Valid Phone", when checked will only deliver leads with a phone number associated to the listing. Uncheck to send all leads.
  • "Send Separate Emails (FSBO / Expired / FRBO), when checked you will receive two emails daily. One with your FSBO Listings and one with your Expired Listings. By default they will be grouped together in a single email.
  • Choose your "Sort Order"
  • Click "Submit"