With each +plus FSBO and Expired account, you will have access to all leads aggregated from a 50-mile radius.  However, in many metro areas, this is too large of a geographical area to possibly cover. Additionally, you may wish to see properties in a specific price range.  Using the "Default Coverage" settings, you can define a very specific geographic farm by assigning zip codes and defined price ranges.

Once set, you will only see leads which fit these parameters when you view leads from the Dashboard, Daily Emails, or searching from the portal. You still do have access to leads outside of these leads if you wish to search for them in the future or make changes to your Default Coverage.

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Defining your Default Coverage

  • Click "Settings & Help->Options/Preferences->Default Coverage"

Set your default Price Range

You can set both a minimum and maximum price range for the leads provided in your reports. Both parameters are optional

  • Enter a minimum price range starting at 0.
  • Enter a maximum price range.

Setting your Base Zip Code and Radius

The delivery of leads around a 50-mile radius is based upon a central point defined as your +plus system will then provide all of the zip codes which fall within 50-miles and populate them in the "Available Zip Codes".

By reducing the radius, the +plus system will automatically remove all zip codes which fall outside of the range.

  • Alter the last 2-digits for the Base Zip Code
  • Set the Radius from 1-50
  • Click "Get Available Zip Codes" and allow the data to poplulate
  • Note: if you need to change more than the last 2-digits of the zip code, please open a support ticket.

Adding Zip Codes

There are two sets of zip codes populated:

Available Zip Codes - All zip codes which fall within the user defined "Radius" of the "Base Zip Code". These are the zip codes you may select to see leads from by default. As you adjust the "Radius" zip codes which fall outside of the radius will begin to "grey-out". 

Default Zip Codes - All the zip codes which have been selected from the "Available Zip Codes" to be included in your leads.

For both sets of zip codes you will see several values to help you select the exact area you wish to prospect:

  • Zip Code - the first value is the 5 digit zip code
  • Distance - the distance calculated from the Base Zip Code
  • City - the city name most associated with the zip code
  • State - state associated with the zip code
  • County - county associated with the zip code

You can sort by any of these parameters. Once grouped you can easily move all of the zip codes for a specific state, city, or county. 

An easy way to think about it would be to consider the Available Zip Codes as all the areas you can see leads from and the Default Zip Codes as all the areas you will see leads. You can either add zip codes from Available column or you can remove them from the Default Zip Code.

Once you have sorted and checked all of the zip codes in which you want to receive data, click "ADD TO DEFAULT".

Selecting Leads by Confidence Score

The +plus system uses several data markers, such as date verified, number of occurrences, and consistency across databases to determine the likelihood the phone number is related to the linked property.  If you only wish to prospect to very numbers which are highly likely to be correctly linked, or if you find that low scored listings are constantly incorrect in your area, you can use these filters to remove numbers from your reports.

Select Statuses

There can be multiple sub-statuses within your products. 

  • Expireds - Expired, Cancelled, Withdrawn
  • For Rent by Owner - FRBO, FRBO w/Service, FRBO w/agent
  • Preforeclosure - Lis Pendens, Notice of Default, Notice of Sale, Notice of Trustee

In certain cases you may want to exclude certain statuses from your reporting. For instance you may only want Expired and Cancelled listings but need Withdrawn excluded or only to receive FRBO listings but not w/Service or w/Agent.


  • Remove Numbers on DNC - automatically remove numbers on the Federal Do Not Call List
  • Display only the phone numbers provided directly in the FSBO Ad - removes any augmented contact inside of the FSBO listings
  • Includes a valid phone - removes any listings where a phone is not available
  • Show Blacklisted Listings - removes listings that we deem to be less likely to list. These usually consist of builders and bank owned properties.

Filter Agent Owned Properties

You can easily filter out "Agent Owned" off-market properties.

  • Do Not Filter - in this case we do not check if the owner name and listing agent name match.  All listings will be passed through.
  • Filter Owned (Strict) - Both First and Last name must match for the listing agent and owner name. If True, then the listing will be filtered from your views.
  • Filter Possibly Owned (Loose) - Often the Ownership may be in a spouses name or the Listing Agent Name may use a nickname. This filter will match only against name and filter out properties. However, this leaves the possibility of false positives.