Using the Reports functionality, you can search for specific lead types, statuses, and date ranges. Additionally, you can even search for specific addresses within the data, filter by zip code, city, or price range along with other advanced features.

New users have access to 30 days of historical data. If you desire data older than 30 days, please contact support for additional options.

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Retrieving a lead report

If no additional parameters are entered before submitting the query, the +plus system with use the settings you entered under Default Coverage. Any listings which do not fit the criteria set in your Default Coverage including area or price range will be automatically filtered out and you will need to adjust your settings in order to view these properties.

  • Click on "Leads -> Search -> FSBO / Expired / FRBO / PF Data" from the main navigation menu
  • Enter your search criteria

Date and Price

  • Date Range
    • Leave the "Start Date" blank to view data from the beginning of the account's history
    • Leave the "End Date" blank to view data up to the current date
  • Price Range

City and Zip

Locate leads within specific zip codes or cities using the select boxes under City and Zip. You can Search for specific cities and zip codes. When selecting by city, it will automatically check all zip codes which correspond to that city. Zip codes and cities are associated using the official city name according to the  USPS Zip Code Database. For this reason there will be occasions where local city names or zip codes which span multiple areas may not be listed. In these cases it is best to select your area either using the map search tool or by zip code.


Use the Status section to filter your active products by type. Products can have multiple sub types:

Confidence Score

Augmented phone numbers are assigned a "confidence" score based upon an algorithm which determines the likelihood the phone number's accuracy. This is based on a number of factors including multiple matches from various public sources, verification date, and source quality. You can automatically filter out listings based upon this scoring algorithm. For more information: What do the colored dots before phone numbers represent?


  • Includes a valid phone - Only listings with available phone numbers will be displayed
  • Show "Blacklisted" - Blacklisted homes have been deemed less likely to list. They are typically bank or real estate owned. See What does "Blacklisted" Mean?
  • Show "Address Match" - my +plus leads uses multiple public resources to ensure accuracy. In the case that the property records do not match with the contact records then the record is marked as Address Only Match.
  • Remove Numbers on DNC - Numbers which are currently listed on the National Do Not Call List are automatically removed.
  • Has Notes - When checked only listings where you have entered Notes are displayed. This function helps you easily identify records that you have contacted.

User Dispositions

Inside of the Detail View or on the Map View is the ability to save notes, enter in dispositions, and schedule follow-ups. Using this functionality after every attempt allows you to keep a detailed log of you interactions with each record. It also allows for you to easily identify groups and create custom lists. 

For example, you can set the date range for the previous 7 to 14 days back and then select the dispositions of New, Voicemail, Ring No Answer, and Lead in-order to follow-up with all of the prospects in that time frame that you either have not spoken with or who have showed interest.

NOTE: The disposition "New" is assigned to all records that have not had a disposition assigned. You can also create your own Custom Dispositions to further customize your follow-ups and lead grouping.

Call Outcome

Only available if you are using the ArchAgent PowerDialer Sync. As you progress through your calling session, call outcomes are automatically logged by the telephony systems. Using the set dispositions, you can quickly create additional filters to further refine you lead lists.