Using the Reports functionality, you can search for specific lead types, statuses, and date ranges. Additionally, you can even search for specific addresses within the data, filter by zip code, city, or price range along with other advanced features.

New users have access to 30 days of historical data. If you desire data older than 30 days, please contact support for additional options.

Retrieving a lead report

If no additional parameters are entered before submitting the query, the +plus system with use the settings you entered under Default Coverage.

  • Click "Leads -> FSBO/Expired Data"
  • Enter the following option settings
    • Date Range (leave blank to view as far back as possible (FROM) or up to today's date (TO))
    • Price Range
    • Area (search for a specific city or set of zip codes.)
      • You can select a set of sequential zip codes by clicking on the first zip code then holding down Shift. Finally, scroll to the last zip code in the list and click.
      • To select multiple zip codes, click on the first zip code and hold down CTRL. While holding CTRL click on all additional zip codes.
    • Search using the Listings Map
    • Status
    • Confidence Score - The confidence score is based on how likely the number is to reach the proper owner. Learn More.
    • Additional
      • Includes a valid phone - when checked only leads where a phone number was either extracted directly from the online advertisement or a phone number was augmented based upon the property address.
      • Show Blacklisted - by default the +plus system hides leads it has determined to be unlikely to list with a full service agent, such as REOs or Agent/Owner properties. However, when checked these listings will be displayed in the result view.
      • Address Match - the +plus lead system uses multiple databases and fuses the data together to try and make the augmented information as accurate as possible. However, certain properties may have incomplete information such as Tax or Ownership and in these cases only the address is matched or possibly the phone and owner matches are not verified. By default these listings are hidden, but you may view them by checking this option.
      •  Remove Numbers on the DNC - Choose to have the numbers on the DNC removed from your query.
  • Select your Dispositions (more about dispositions)
  • Click Submit