On the Detail Listing Page you are able to add Dispositions, Call Notes, and Schedule Follow-up Actions. Dispositions can be used to filter leads and categorize listings to enhance your reporting making your follow-up more efficient.


The +plus lead system breaks the dispositions into two sub-categories, Contacted and Not Contacted. This allows you to easily create new follow-up lists in the future. For instance you could request a list of all of the leads which are marked as Not Contacted for a specified date range directly from the dashboard.  In response, the +plus system will generate a call list of all of the prospects that you have not yet spoken with.

Similarly, with only one click from the dashboard, the +plus system will generate a list of every lead you are currently monitoring or from a specific date range.

Another powerful use of dispositions is creating custom queries. Here you can specify the exact call outcomes you wish to view along with additional parameters such as zip code, price, and status. Using the dispositions is up to your discretion, there is no right or wrong way to assign them to a listing. However, we do have a list of basic disposition definitions.

Call Notes

Inside of the text area for notes, enter in a description of what happened during conversation or attempt to the listing. Currently, the system only supports one note set per record, so if you make multiple attempts remember to append the results with a date. Don't worry though, historical notes are on the way allowing you to track the history of with each lead in detail.

Schedule Follow-up Actions

Need to set a reminder to follow-up with a prospect? The +plus system will send you an email and/or text message at a specified notes. The notification will contain the contact information, follow-up action needed, and details on the property.

The +plus will send the follow-up notification via email and/or text message to your mobile phone. You can set-up your destinations under "Options/Preferences" -> "Additional Settings".

After saving your follow-up action, a pop-up will become available to allow you to sync the activity to third party providers such as Google Calendar or Outlook.