After each attempt to a lead you are able to set a "Disposition" describing the state of the lead or outcome of the contact.  This information can become invaluable as a parameter when setting up filters for future actions with the +plus system.  For instance you can create a report with all of the leads which did not answer or you left a voicemail for during a certain period of time or get all of your active "Leads" from the dashboard.

There is no wrong way to use the dispositions as long as you are able to find the proper leads for your prospecting session in the future. However, the basic description of each disposition is as follows:


  • Lead - you were able to contact the listing and they are a viable listing prospect in the future. This could include the need to send addtional info by mail or email, follow-up phone call, or set an appointment.
  • Not Interested - you were able to contact the lead, but they expressed no interest in listing their property at this point in time.
  • Dead - you were able to contact the lead and they expressed they will not be listing their property now or anytime in the future.
  • Listed - the listing has already gone under contract with another agent.
  • Agent - the listed contact is an Owner / Agent.

Not Contacted

  • Delete Listing - when selected, the listing will no longer be included in queries.
  • Voicemail - reached the prospects voicemail.
  • Wrong Number - dialable number, but the owner is not related to the listed property.
  • Ring No Answer - dialable number, but no answer and no voicemail.
  • Disconnected - operator error due to an un-dialable number.
  • Do Not Call - signifies a working number that you do not want to place calls to in the future for any reason.

One great use of the dispositions utilizing the separation of "Contacted" and "Not Contacted" in the Hotsheets on the Dashboard.  Each time you set a disposition, the listing will also be placed into one of these two buckets. You can then select the Hotsheet, "Not Contacted" from the Dashboard along with a date range the system will automatically create a list of either FSBOs or Expireds which you have not yet spoken.