There are several reasons for missing leads in your daily report.  By default  the +plus leads system removes listings which it is unable to match valid contact information (no phone number), believes that he phone number matched is dated or the wrong person, or that listing is currently owned by an entity very unlikely to list with an agent.

You can view these listings inside of the portal by querying historical data.  After clicking on "Leads -> FSBO/Expired Data" you can use the following parameters to show leads not displayed in default views.

Includes a valid phone - by unchecking this box, you will see all leads regardless of the phone match status.

Show "Blacklisted" - checking this box will display listings deemed unlikely to list with an agent.

Show "Address Match" - checking this box will show matches which are against the address, but my conflict with other data sources. Often times this information will be for a previous owner or possibly a rental tenant.

Still don't see the listings you are looking for? Please Open a Support Ticket and include sample street addresses, zip codes and we are always happy to research for you.