Do you have common searches that you like to use repeatedly?  Such as needing all "Expired" and "Cancelled" Status within a specific zip code and price range?  Use the Save Search functionality to automatically execute the search next time it is needed. 

First, you will create the search under "Leads -> FSBO and Expired Data -> Search". Create your search by entering in your desired parameters. If you need help you can check our Knowledge Base Article on searching back-data. Once on the Grid View, simply enter your the Name of the Search and Save.

If you leave to the "To" date empty when creating the query, new listings will be added to the list over time. It will include all new listings that fit the other parameters such as area and price. For instance, you can set the parameters of price to be between $200,000 and $1,000,000 for the city of "Austin" and a start date of 2022-01-01. If you leave the to date empty then it will continue to add homes in Austin with the proper price range.

When you want to retrieve your Search or List, it will be stored under "Leads -> FSBO and Expired Data -> Lists".