Watch a brief video tutorial on searching with the map

Using the Map Search Feature, you can generate leads in a very specific area or neighborhood. The Map Search allows you to draw areas with the free-form polygon tool or a circle to create a radius around a point.  You will access the mapping tool under "Leads -> FSBO / Expired Data" and make sure the "Listings Map" section is expanded.

First, you will want to center the map to the middle of the area you wish to search and then zoom in to the proper level of detail.  The PIN on the map is set using your "Base Zip Code".

Once the map is properly centered and you can easily view the area you wish to search, choose either to draw using the Free-Form or Circle tool.

When using the Free-Form tool, simply click on each barrier point you wish to create to define the region. You are able to create any polygonal shape in-order to define an exact area or neighborhood. Be sure to connect all the first and final points to complete the shape.  Once it is correctly configured, the area will become shaded to clearly mark the search area.

If you would rather draw a radius around a specific point, choose the "Circle" tool. Next, click and hold on the center point and drag the radius to your desired size. Once set, you can click and hold on the center point to relocate the shape.

Once your search area is defined, choose your other criteria such as price or date range and press "Submit" to view your results.