The my +plus leads system will automatically import all FSBO / Expired Leads or only ones which you have qualified directly into your Wise Agent CRM.

Configuring Wise Agent Sync

  • Select "Options/Preferences -> Data Integration" from the main navigation panel.
  • Choose "Wise Agent" from the "Provider" drop-down
  • Select "Add User"

  • Enter your Wise Agent Login and Password into the "User Name" and "Password" fields
  • Check "Is Active"
  • Optional - Check "Sync All Leads" if you wish to have all leads pushed directly into your CRM automatically. If you do not check this box, you will be able to select exactly which leads sync after you have qualified them.

Manually Pushing Leads to Wise Agent

You can manually push leads to Wise Agent after qualifying them from either the "Detail" or "Map" views.

  • Enter in a "Disposition"
  • Enter in the contact notes
  • Follow-up actions are optional, but currently not supported via the Wise Agent API
  • Click "Save"

  • Choose "Wise Agent" from the Synchronize data form

  • Map up to 3 phone numbers to the proper fields
  • Click Sync

Your lead should now be available within Wise Agent within a few minutes.