After properly Mapping Your List, you will upload it to the +plus system for augmentation of phone numbers and email addresses.

The only requirements for the file are that it is in a .CSV format and contains the ADDRESS and ZIP CODE. However, if you have successfully mapped your the file then it will upload without issues.

Uploading Your List

Understanding the Upload Form

  • Name - Unique identifier for your list. Examples might be "Westside Neighborhood" or "May 2016 Owner Occupied"
  • File - Click "Browse" and find the file of addresses on your local drive
  • Has Header - Check this box if the first row of the file contains column names
  • Mapping - Select your custom mapping which will properly map the column headers
  • Cascade - Choose the service level
  • Process Blacklisted Records - The +plus system will first discover the owner name. If the property is owned by a company or real estate owned, it will automatically be skipped. Check this box if you would rather process these records.

After you click "Upload' you should receive a message and an email confirming that your file has been accepted. Once, the file has been augmented, you will receive a second email with a link to download the .CSV formatted results and the file will be made available inside of the "Lists" section of the portal.