Sync with your Favorite CRMs

Do you use Wise Agent or Top Producer? Remove unnecessary data entry by syncing your my +plus leads account.

Using another CRM or 3rd party lead service such as an auto-dialer? Please drop us a note and let us know who you would like us to integrate with next.

EEDGE aka Market Leader?

Will Follow Up Boss be added?

Thanks for all of the suggestions -

LionDesk is now live and we are defintitely planning on expanding the scope of our integration with them as new features become available through their API. If you are a LionDesk user, check here -

We are investigating Podio and has been added to our bucket list.  However, I have not spoken to EspressoAgent. Currently we do have integration with ArchAgent's PowerDialer which is very similar but I would recommend either using the LionDesk Dialer or MOJO Sells as a dialer in conjunction with our data.


Lion Desk

Any plans to integrate with Podio? It's widely used by real estate investors.

Can you data be integrated into EspressoAgent dialer?

I have always used the    THE Personal Marketing Company as my data base site.  They are a preferred vendor for Keller Williams.  Can they be used as well 

Debbie Faremouth 


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