Use Zapier to Sync with your CRM

  • CINC
  • Kunversion
  • Contactually
  • Brivity
  • Real Geeks
  • Realvolve
  • and more!

Activate Your Zapier

  • Login to your account at
  • Navigate to Options / Preferences -> Data Integration in the left-side menu
  • Choose "Zapier" from the "Provider" drop-down
  • Click "Add User"
  • Check "Is Active" and "Sync All Leads"
  • Click "Save"

Your Zapier API key should now display and can be used immediately to activate Zaps.  You will always use my +plus leads as the "Trigger" application and "New Listings" as the action. Once activated, my +plus leads will automatically send all new leads through the Zapier interface which will feed the leads to your chosen CRM.