Use Zapier to Sync with your CRM

  • CINC
  • Kunversion
  • Contactually
  • Brivity
  • Real Geeks
  • Realvolve
  • and more!

Activate Your Zapier

  • Login to your account at
  • Navigate to Options / Preferences -> Data Integration in the left-side menu
  • Choose "Zapier" from the "Provider" drop-down
  • Click "Add User"
  • Check "Is Active"
  • Optionally Check "Sync All Leads"
    • If you choose to Sync All Leads, all leads will automatically be sent through Zapier once they are added to your portal.
    • If choose not to Sync All Leads, you can manually select the leads you want pushed through Zapier and export them. See Manually Syncing Leads below.
  • Click "Save"

Your Zapier API key should now display and can be used immediately to activate Zaps.  You will always use my +plus leads as the "Trigger" application and "New Listings" as the action. If you have selected "Sync All Leads" the data will begin to populate moving forward as it is added to the portal. If you wish to send back-data see Manually Syncing Leads.

Manually Sync Your Leads

If you would rather qualify your leads before pushing them or are looking to send back-data use the manual push functionality.

Bulk Selection

  • Create a Historical Search (Guide)
  • Select the listings you want to push
  • Choose "Zapier Auto Sync" from the export drop-down
  • Cick "Export Print"

Single Records

  • Click "View" under "Full Report' in the Summary View
  • Enter your Disposition, Notes, and Follow-up Time
  • Click "Save"

Choose "Zapier" from the Synchronization pop-up