The my +plus leads Neighborhood Data Service has two levels of augmentation, Basic and Premium. The Premium service also has two augmentation or enhancement methods, Real-Time and Batch.

NOTE: These are separate services. Real-Time augmentation is the default setting. If you wish to Batch augment, you will need to upgrade your service. To do so, click on your Profile in the top right hand corner of the portal and choose Billing -> Manage Subscription. 

You can swap out Real-Time for Batch in the subscriptions settings. If you do not have the Manage Subscription please reach out to support and they can assist you in switching products.

Using Real-Time Augmentation

Real-Time augmentation allows you to preview individual properties and augment high accuracy enhnaced data while working with a particular home. It ensures that you do not waste your monthly allotment of credits on homes that you are not actively working.

After creating a Neighborhood list enter the "Detail" page by clicking on a property address.

Choose "Augment"

You can also choose to have the listing augmented automatically upon entering the Detail page.

  • Go to Settings & Help -> Options / Preferences -> Additional Settings
  • Choose Automatically Augment Neighborhood Data

Using Batch Processing

Batch processing allows you to select multiple listings and have the augmentation executed in batch.

Select the individual listings, page, or entire list you want augmented from the Summary page

Click the AUGMENT button