The Detail Listing Page provides the highest level of information about each listing in the +plus service. You will find elements not provided in other reports including images, additional contact records, historical contact records, social media links, and the ability to add notes, and schedule follow-ups.

The Detail Listing Page

Paginating through the listings

Use the Previous and Next buttons to paginate through the all the available listings within the current query queue. This is a perfect for working your way through your daily call routine.

Extracted Listing Elements

The first section includes elements taken directly from the online advertisement. This includes the advertised property address, images, and key property specifics such as bedrooms, bathrooms, status, and price. Below you will find the full property description provided from the advertisement

Contact Details / Listing Agent

The Contact Details provides basic contact information based upon the property address and current ownership records for the primary owner of the property.  The Listing Agent details provides the Name, Brokerage, Phone, and Email for the previous listing agent for Off-Market properties only. Each phone number will provide iconography about the Confidence Score, Line Type, and Do Not Call Status.

Owner / Tax Information

Listing addresses are processed through local Tax Appraisal systems. For the majority of listings the Owner and Owner mailing address are matched. Additionally, fields like the previous date of sale, Owner Occupancy status, and Tax Appraisal Value can be augmented to the property information.  If the augmented owner's address and listing address do not match, the +plus system will use the actual owner address to match contact information.

Augmented Details

Augmented Details contains reverse look-up information collected from public record.

  • Status- This represents the augmentation status and can have three different values:
    • Published - currently considered to be a valid FSBO or Off-Market lead.
    • Blacklisted - listing has been determined unlikely to list with a full-service agent. However, it could still be a good prospect for investors.
    • Inconsistent Names - the +plus FSBO / Expired service was unable to verify that the phone number matched the current homeowner.
  • Name -  These are the full names associated with the provided phone numbers and are returned from the Owner's address when available and against the extracted address in when the system was unable to successfully match the owner address.
  • Phone 1 & Phone 2 - based upon the confidence score the +plus will return the top two matches for each contact associated with the account. 

Enter Lead Notes

From the Detail Listing Page you can enter in notes, classify leads, and schedule follow-ups.  CLICK HERE for more details on scheduling follow-up actions.